Innovation Analysis Reports

Do you want to present a new direction, research a problem, or just analysis to support your new ideas?

With 2thinknow Innovation Analysts Reports you can have a ready to go end-to-end research project completed remotely in a few weeks (or sooner). It's all done for you by our innovation analysts with you in control via face-to-face video conferences (but without the overhead of constant supervision). At a fixed price, delivered via email.

Standard In-Depth Long Form Reports

Do you need a solution to a problem?

Complete end-to-end consulting process including a 3 stage phone consultation, with a deliverable of an in-depth long form report in slide format (or as preferred). Deliverables take around 24-30 days on average, and include between detailed slides as well as a video run through.

Available focuses include:

Creative Company Analyst Reports

Our well-constructed professional analyst reports apply the latest innovation frameworks outlined in the Innovation Course™ to your organization's business problems.

Industry Disruption Analysis Reports

Leveraging our case studies and 2thinknow's access to City Benchmarking Data, 2thinknow creates unique innovation analysis reports providing insights to industries facing disruption.

City Planning Reports

This analyst report is a detailed change plan to change your city or town. Each City Change Planning Report is structured to apply the Innovation Cities™ Framework and benchmarking data to your city or suburban municipality.

Special In-Depth Long Form Reports

These contain additional information and length for reports where additional information will be required.

Innovation Eco-System of Location

This report enables you to understand an locations potential for innovation, by examining your chosen cities innovation eco-system. Start-ups, patents, research facilities, commercialisation, and other facilities are examined in detail using the best available discount. This report is around 400 slides, created by 2thinknow.

You can choose up to 10 cities and 10 indicators.

Innovation Industry Analysis Deep-Dive

This is detailed industry analysis across many locations.  This is 380-450 slides plus a PDF document of supporting material. Also included in the Deep-Dive is the entire report in PowerPoint slide format, for your convenience. At the time of writing this is included as a free bonusfor customers.

You can choose 1 segment (industry) and 50 cities.

In Brief Innovation Reports

Within the United States and Australiawe provide shorter 'In-Brief' standard reports. These are typically shorter and can be done within 14 days, and include start (and end) video deliverable component.

Whilst less comprehensive they provide a quick ' answer' of options.


Understand how to profit from the disruption of innovation, with 2thinknow Analyst Reports.