Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report

The leading global report on building urban innovation economies.

City report, global reportThe Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report analyses cities global conditions, identifies current and predicted future conditions to 2025, and provides the leading framework to measure and improve performance during this time.

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Analyst Report Contents


  • Global analysis of city states
  • 3 major trends
  • How recent economic and social events will affect cities / markets
  • Analysis of 4 major regions, broken down into continents from 2011-2025
  • Predicted business conditions by trade bloc and region
  • Regional and national analyst recommendations.


  • Executive summary of key top 30 global trends
  • New concepts as to how trends apply to regions
  • Likely probable scenarios over next decade for urban economies
  • Key factors influencing cities

NOTE: 2thinknow predicted the Global Financial Crisis, the current U.K. political crisis and a need to change the economies of major countries. Our analysis is often contrary to the current news cycle, and does nto change from month to month. Our goal is to be more often correct than news and media analysis, and provide long-term insight for planning.


  • Summaries of 2thinknow leading innovation models
  • Simple model of innovation that can be explained
  • Further reading on other innovation models
  • 3 City Challenges model
  • Details of key readings


  • Full Innovation Cities™ Framework
  • Explanation of 31 analyst segments
  • Details of each of 162 City indicators (KPIs for cities)
  • Indicative use of framework in Innovation Cities Index
  • Specific city examples of innovation

Also included is further details on the Innovation Cities™ Index -- the leading ranking of urban innovation economies worldwide. There is added detail on the process and analyst classification of cities for innovation.

Who has purchased this report since 2007:

  • R&D departments
  • State government leaders
  • City Government
  • City Mayors
  • Federal & State Ministers and advisors
  • Trade Promotion (State, City and Regional)
  • Public and University Libraries
  • Transport & Infrastructure Firms
  • Corporate & finance leaders
  • Innovation and Researchers and PhDs
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Economic Development Authorities

The Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report, Index and Program has been featured on featured on ABC Radio, Reuters, Forbes, Fortune, Boston Globe, NY Times, Fox Business, and in other media.

This is the leading resource on creating and comparing cities as innovation economies, and is published by 2thinknow.

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