KEN: Knowledge Economy Forum 2014: Slovenia Innovation Economy

Our Director Data, speaking in former Communist Chamber of Deputies about Urban Innovation Economy and new means of capitalism.

This is the very spot where communists in the former Yugoslavia (now Ljubjlana, Slovenia) railed against capitalism!

And fast forward 30 years, our Director (along with the amazing members of KEN Knowledge Economy Forum) is giving a speech to eager Slovenian and European academics and professionals regarding capitalism and business of innovation.

Do you think that in 1985, those sitting in the chamber listening to another lesson on communism, Marx and Engels (Slovenia wasn't 'full' communist under Tito), would have predicted this sudden and amazing transformation?

Lesson -- Innovation and transformation are possible! Believe (with data!)

Christopher Hire, speaking on innovation at Ljubjlana Town Hall at KEN Knowledge Economy Forum 2014
KEN Knowledge Economy Forum Slovenia Ljubjlana