Managing the Innovation Process

Managing the innovation process for professional managers.

Managing  innovation as a process is part of the job of professional managers from the management of public and private companies, governmental and non-governmental organizations.If you’re a manager, management of the innovation process will become increasingly part of your job description.

Only 2thinknow provide unique resources for managing the innovation process, and furthering your career with innovation.

Managing the Innovation Process.

Manage innovation as more than creative ideas or brainstorming. With 2thinknow innovation resources, you can manage the innovation process as an end-to-end process of change in organizations.

You can select from a mix of Innovation Technology, to assist with you in your role as manager that includes:

2thinknow’s innovation analysts have been trained in innovation, and understand how change works in organizations, and the need to work build internal innovation capability, and innovation careers within client organizations.

Our innovation technology is not ‘external answers’ — it is about transferring innovation knowledge to client organizations.

Managing change.

2thinknow have been providing change services and data for over 10 years since 1999 to professional management to listed corporations and government, in its earlier form as a data services company, and since 2006 as 2thinknow. Clients have covered Australia.

Customers for our analyst reports and innovation data, have included New Zealand, USA, Canada, Spain, Japan, Netherlands, U.K., China, Portugal and other locations.

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