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Innovation Cities Index™, Framework & Analyst Report.

The Innovation Cities Index is the world’s leading ranking of cities based on innovation indicators. This differs from other indexes as it uses innovation to measure economic and social performance. Index rankings are free online, published since 2007, and now contain 289 cities in 2010 from 256 in 2009. In 2011 this will be over 300 cities,released approx September 2011.

This makes it the world’s largest index, larger than both Mercer (previous 215 cities) and Economist (EIU)which rank livability (the next nearest competing studies). The Index also uses more indicators (162, compared with 30-50 for Mercer/EIU), although compilation and editing is a similar process to Mercer/EIU and benchmarking data is similar in structure.

The Innovation Cities™ Index is independent of specific government or corporate interests and created by 2thinknow innovation anlysts.

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The Innovation Cities™ Analyst Reports outlines the Innovation Cities Framework to measure, analyse and plan to change cities innovation potential. It is the world’s leading report on the topic of innovation in cities, and is now in the 2010 March edition, since the first 2007 publication.

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Independent. All of these are commercial, market-oriented models and frameworks, part of the Innovation Cities Program. The program is totally independent and receives no government funding and so can be service performance and evidence based.

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