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Innovation Cities™ Program

Helping civic leaders create innovation in cities worldwide.

Since 2007, 2thinknow annually publish the Innovation Cities™ Index, which classifies all major cities for potential for innovation in 5 major performance categories based on a detailed scoring band. This has been featured in over 7,000 media articles globally.

Since 2010 2thinknow provide detailed City Benchmarking Data™, which breaks down city performance into hard data. Numerous city and business customers purchase our data for city performance.

2thinknow innovation services have supported business and government in improving city performance through innovation projects.


Designing Business Innovation.

Businesses have benefited from a variety of our Innovation Services, including detailed comparative data provided in our City Benchmarking Data™ sets.2thinknow training and consulting services have built the capability to implement an innovation process in organizations including banks, insurance companies, government ministries, government departments and NGO organizations.

City Benchmarking Data

Better city data drives investment.

Investors have used our City Benchmarking Data™to compare investment destinations for investments as diverse as hotels, airports, utilities, training, venture capital and many more. To do this, investors use our standard indicators ‘off-the-shelf’ or specific data points customized towards certain cities and indicators. 2thinknow have also consulted on custom solutions regarding possible outcomes of investing in product or process innovation in locations and markets globally.


Creating and growing new industries.

Associations, consultants and think tanks using our City Benchmarking Data™ to improve their industry response to the disruption of innovation through action.2thinknow training and consulting services have assisted in the creation and implementation planning of new innovative products and services worth Millions of dollars in established industries including banking, insurance and government worldwide.


Power your innovation with us.

You have an idea but need information? Consultancies have accessed our City Benchmarking Data™ and commercial experience to create innovative products and services, and provide advice to their clients.


Collaboration, partnerships and investment opportunities.

The Innovation economy in the U.S.A., Canada and globally represents a unique opportunity. 2thinknow have established early stage leadership in global markets for new-economy solutions. We operate globally.

Smart investors have used our data and analysis to support investment decisions in cities from Shanghai to New York to Seoul.

Please contact us to discuss collaboration, global or national partnerships and investment opportunities in related corporations and projects.

Advantage & Confidentiality

Much of our data and training is strategic and may give competitive advantage to clients. As you can see on this site, we only disclose current project overviews without client names, or client names without project overviews. We never discuss project details with anyone but the client, and we store project details using secure and encrypted systems. Clients can also request total non-disclosure and added security.

Want to understand innovation?

There are training and courses available to completely understand innovation.In our group training, your team learns how to build your innovation capability. You practice with real-life exercises and work with case studies of real innovation. 2thinknow provides you with real products, plans and projects for innovation at the end of course. Review our course catalog of group course online or contact us.

Course & Event Testimonials

“First time in recent years that the speaker was articulate, knowledgeable and with a refreshing lack of jargon, barrow-pushing and other tech-talk …A delight to work with.”

– Niki Aravanis, Conference Project Manager, Australian Booksellers Association


“You did an extraordinary job under difficult circumstances to co-ordinate a significant event which will greatly impact government approaches to policy in the future. I would both like to thank and commend you for your effort and I am happy to act as a reference in the future.”

– Senator Kate Lundy, Australian Federal Government. Referring to Public Sphere 3. Australian ICT & Creative Industries Development.


The best thing was … “The Presenter!! Very competent and engaging. … easy, relaxed style of presentation.”

– David R., Depart of Business & Innovation (Formerly DIIRD), Government of Victoria, Australia


“Best thing was the Case Studies!”

– Risk Manager, Bank (anon. requested)


“Extraordinarily knowledgeable, very approachable, clear examples …”

– W. Napier, Information Victoria


“10/10. Great Insight. …”

– Heather B., Victorian Government


“Feedback we received regarding Chris’s session (for 2thinknow) was very positive. … intelligent and considered. …”

– L Graham, Event Organizer, NPAC, Canberra

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