Probable career opportunities with 2thinknow

Data Analysts

Have you studied or worked in data analysis, statistics, economic data, financial data or any form of micro-economic data regarding transactions? Are you skilled at massive spreadsheets and quick reading of data and reports? Can you think quickly and have maths aptitude?


Do you have a good attitude, writing, video or design experience and some sort of unique skill set in communications? Can you spell? Can you persuade others with your content?


2thinknow have given a first start to over 50 interns from different countries since 2010, and 30% +have become 2thinknow team members on future projects ( a great record). If you are a graduate and have a degree in technology or business related field, and are not sure what path you want to follow an internship can provide practical experience. Places are limited, and in Australia only.

Note internships are for unpaid workplace learning, if you are seeking practical hands-on experience in data, IT or accounts roles.

Technology Team

2thinknow require services of cyber security, networking, programming (PHP, VB, LAMP, etc) and IT people with rock-solid skills. If you are dedicated to technology and practice your skills in your spare time, we like to hear from you.

Attributes of 2thinknow People

Positive, Friendly

We like all sorts of positive people from all sorts of backgrounds, and as most of the people we seek speak at least 2 languages. We prefer people who are open, warm and friendly to others. Low politics environment.


We have a multi-cultural workplace where different cultures are encouraged.

Commitment to Self

All our professional staff require at least a Bachelor degree and a Master’s is preferred. PhDs are not necessary.

We will interview people with mad skills (that's the requirement!) for I.T. systems roles who have epxerience but no degree.

Not Dogmatic

Working at 2thinknow requires an open-minded attitude and a ‘can do’ mind set. Attitude to innovation sets us apart. Our staff are open-minded to new and ancient market and economic concepts and ideas -- evidence and data drive all we do. Fans of complex academic dogma or theory will not fit with our practical, evidence-based approach. We ask for people to be thoughtful, not dogmatic.

If you cannot query the conclusions of Piketty, Sachs, Friedman, Keynes, or Krugman then perhaps you don't particularly like evidential data.

If you don't know or care who they are that's also ok. Apply.

Data Driven

Data drives theory. Data is our lifeblood. Theories cannot be sustained against contradictory data. And data should be honest and accurate.

If you want the wordl to conform to your theories, go work in publishing. We track the world as it is (an accurate baseline is needed for change).

If you this gets you excited (or at least interested), then use the button to apply now or ask your agent to contact us.

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