Local economic freedom from an innovation economy.

In our world new industries and roles replace old. Others may see this as a problem. 2thinknow see opportunity. We help make winners that innovate faster. Our special customers read like a global whos who. We help them innovate to create economic freedom through an innovation economy.

500+ years of history of innovation, best innovation definition

We Defined It

2thinknow defined innovation from 500 years of history and change. Ours is a future proof and historically provable definition.

Process Model

Our Executive Director built a model that explains all past innovations for these 500 years, and into the future. The model is both predictive and optimizes the implementation of your innovations.

Our Many Programs

From this process model we created a series of innovative programs. These included detailed city data, training courses, and an analytical report. We also offer consulting and strategy services.

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